Our Process

Accunomics’ proven consulting process will define your business’ full profit potential, and support you in making the decisions necessary to realize it. Your business will transform in to a more focused and disciplined organization, with operating profits and returns on capital growing to levels not previously thought possible.

Accunomics’ three-phase process is based on a robust and granular profitability model developed with your own financial data. Our consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to align all aspects of your operation to the most profitability opportunities, and then empower your employees to sustain their profitability focus into the future. Throughout the process, our analytics provide the data you need to make sound decisions, while our experience helps you foresee the challenges you’ll face once you implement them.


Our Profitability Model provides insights into your business’ performance that simply aren’t available from your corporate financial statements.


Our approach to corporate alignment focuses on five high impact business factors.  With in-depth quantitative studies to make precise, profit maximizing adjustments.


Accunomics’ Management Operating System (MOS) enables your organization to maintain it’s focus on profitability improvement long after our engagement is complete.