Machine Learning solutions to drive new levels of profitability

Customized tools and solutions for breakthrough results

The Science of Profitability

Accunomics is a management consultancy focused on one thing: harnessing the power of data to improve the profitability of our clients.

Our customized AI and Machine Learning models can find the opportunities hidden deep in your current and historic data. And we have the organizational design expertise to make sure your firm implements the intelligence you gather.

Accunomics works with some of the largest multinational energy corporations in the world. Our proven three-phase methodology offers a scientific approach to measuring, optimizing and sustaining operating profits and returns on capital.

Our clients report significant improvements in both revenues and expenses, leading to a transformational increase in their bottom line.



Interested in how the Accunomics approach led to a $500 million increase in fuels margins … over an 18-month engagement? Take a look at our case study for this global integrated oil company.