Accunomics will instill a culture of profitability improvement in your firm that will last well beyond the conclusion of our consulting engagement. From your executive management team through your middle managers and account executives, your organization will share a common imperative of customer-level profitability, and understand the levers that can be used to achieve it.

Accunomics’ Management Operating System, or MOS, will be the foundation of your ongoing profitability optimization process. The MOS combines account-level data from the Accunomics profitability model with an established account planning and management review process. Your front-line account teams will know which of their customers are underperforming, and be empowered to adjust pricing, discounting, and other service variables to improve their returns.

Accunomics will work closely with your information technology organization to deliver the MOS on a technology platform of your choice. Accunomics consultants will develop a comprehensive set of financial reporting metrics from your business, and then implement a prototype MOS. We’ll work with all levels of your organization to evaluate and refine the prototype for both effectiveness and usability. Throughout the development process, we’ll be engaged with your IT professionals to ensure a seamless transition of the MOS reporting functions into your computing environment.