Accunomics is a new name for an established team of professional consultants, and for a proven business transformation process. The core of the Accunomics team began working together in Bob Shaw’s Business Life Cycle Management practice at BearingPoint, and later at Certitude Consulting Group, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. To more closely align our brand with our proven consulting process, Bob rebranded his firm Accunomics LLC in 2010.

Accunomics’ business transformation process has been continually refined over the past decade by firm founder Bob Shaw and many members of the Accunomics team. Development began after Shaw became dissatisfied with conventional cost-driven, operationally-focused restructuring approaches. Rather than simply re-organizing a department or business function, he wanted to look at the business holistically, and include revenue optimization opportunities.

Shaw started analyzing the income statements in granular detail —understanding which customers, products, regions and distribution points were lucrative, and which were not. That information became the guidepost for operational and strategic changes, and the measuring stick for tracking progress. He quickly focused on pricing, not cost, as the biggest lever available to drive profits, which has led to Accunomics’ unique competency in margin optimization. Over time, the Management Operating System (MOS) was developed to push more of the information to frontline of the business.

As we look forward to the coming decade, the need for the Accunomics solution has never been greater. Following years of investment in ERP systems, executives are awash in data, yet disillusioned with the quality of information they’re receiving. Limited growth opportunities require that they grow earnings by improving their core business, rather than expanding into new areas. Accunomics leverages existing IT investments, and allows entire organizations—from executives through frontline employees—the opportunities to understand and maximize their profitability.