Accunomics’ business transformation process is executed through a two stage consulting engagement.

Assessment Stage (12-16 weeks)

An Accunomics Assessment uncovers the earnings potential of your firm, and prepares you and your team to implement the changes necessary to realize it. Each assessment begins with the development of a robust profitability model using your own financial data. As the model develops, we work closely with you and your management team to understand the results and identify improvement opportunities. The assessment concludes with a clear business case for change.

Delivery Stage (12-18 months)

With you and your team committed to a new level of profitability, Accunomics consultants work closely with your team to implement the necessary changes. Joint work streams are initiated across a variety of functional areas, including pricing & discounting, operating expenses and supply network. Our team provides in-depth analysis to help you make sound decisions, and extensive experience to help you foresee the challenges in implementing them.

The Accunomics profitability model is continually enhanced throughout the delivery project⎯improving in accuracy and acceptance along the way. The model is eventually installed as the engine for Accunomics’ Management Operating System (MOS), which drives a continued focus on profitability long after the project concludes.

Accunomics tracks progress to our target throughout the entire delivery stage. Most clients achieve the full benefits run rate within 12-18 months of the start of the project.

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