Pricing and Discounts

Improving your net price to your customers delivers dramatic and immediate impact to your bottom line, yet pricing decisions are often the most emotional and least analytic of any decision an organization makes.  Accunomics’ unique expertise in maximizing pricing provides you with the confidence you need to optimize prices, and will help manage the internal and external resistance you’ll face in doing so.

Accunomics approaches price setting by first segmenting customers by profitability level.  We understand the volumes and profitability of each customer class, and craft custom strategies for each segment.  We’ll compare your pricing with the competition to identify opportunities to capture optimal value, and help you understand the volume implications.

Accunomics also provides transparency into your discounting practices, and ensures that discount levels are aligned to customer value.  Discounts are rationalized to ensure that the most profitable customers are receiving the benefits, and that unprofitable customers are not receiving concessions.